'Pedes & Costumes
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How it all began . . .

According to the legend, as it has been passed down through generations of Texas runners, there were once centipedes and costumed runners in the Bayou City Fun Run (the name by which this race was known in olden times).  There are tales of packs of pigs in pink tutus, a string of runners disguised as a train, a giant armadillo, a gorilla carrying a man in a cage, and a suspension bridge made of runners.

What are the judges looking for?

Costumes and Centipedes must check in at the Very Important Centipede tent near the start line by 7:30 on race morning.  Costumes and Centipedes may participate in either the 10k or the 5k, with the exception of those Centipedes competing for the "Fastest" prize who must participate in the 10k.

Those runners who are participating in a Costume or as part of a Centipede must also register for the race and can do so here


We believe in freedom of expression, but if the cops haul you away before you cross the finish line you will not have met rule one.  Twinkie feelers (aka deele bobbers, aka antennae) are always in good taste, and judges and spectators alike find them irresistible.


Our judges are only technically not children.  They will clap their hands with glee and write big numbers on their scorecards if you amuse them.  Judges will be at the start, the finish and on the overpasses.  Because of the vantage point, we recommend that you do your best tricks at the overpasses.


This is America, after all, and longer is better.  Be careful though, and don't go overboard, you don't want to spoil your appearance or foul up your performance.

Bowling Pin Centipede 27 Dresses Centipede


Our team of HARRA anthropologists has researched these old stories and decided that prizes may be awarded to the following:

Costumed Runner
  • Individual Costumes:
    • Best Current Event
    • Best movie
    • Best Texas Theme
    • Loudest
  • Centipedes:
    • Fastest (must be entered in the 10k)
    • Longest
    • Loudest
    • Best Current Event
    • Best Movie
    • Best Texas theme
    • Best Corporate
    • Best Club
    • Best Media
    • Best school

Centipedes Rules:

A centipede must consist of at least six attached runners.  Each centipede member must register as an individual in either the 10k or the 5k.  Each centipede member must be registered in the same event.  The award for fastest centipede will only be awarded to a centipede entered in the 10k.

Training Tips for Centipedes:

Seasoned HARRA Centipede wranglers offer some advice to novice centipedes:

  1. Practice, practice, practice.  Wear your twinkie feelers or costume while you train.  You need to know what the aerodynamic affects will be at high-speeds.  How does a centipede go through a water station?  This would be a good thing to know before race day.  And what about your acceptance speech?  Should it be done in unison or will you have parts?
  2. Timmer Twist.  This maneuver is excellent for sudden changes of direction.  Suppose you go onto the stage to accept your award and they only have steps on one side?  Instead of trying to make a u-turn in a tight space, everyone just spins 180 degrees inside of the centipede body and the last shall become the first.  What if you are running down a narrow trail and come upon a snake?  A quick Timmer Twist and everyone is going in the opposite direction.  You will find many uses for the TT.
  3. Lenichi Turn.  This is a 360 degree turn done as if the centipede were circling a pole.  It can be spectacular when done at speed.


If you have questions about being a centipede or costume participant, please go to the Contact Us page to complete the form or email Roger.