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HEB Walker

Be part of the solution . . .

Promote heath, fitness, and community sprit through your sponsorship of this event.  Encourage your employees, co-workers, friends, and family to train to walk or run the 6.2 miles or the 3.1 miles.  Members of our event management team will hold a lunchtime fitness seminar at your company and provide training details upon request.  Groups are invited to wear their colors to walk, run, or volunteer at our event.  We guarantee a good time.

Want a little help with your training?

The following training schedules for runners have been designed by local coach Al Lawrence to serve as a sixteen-week build-up for the Bayou City Classic on March 19, 2016.  Click on buttons above for the month's schedule.

The schedule has been developed for beginning and novice runners with a goal of completing the event in 60 minutes and intermediate runners with a time goal under 55 minutes.  Walkers are encouraged to participate in this fun event and can modify the schedules by walking the miles and accelerating walking speed replacing the timed speeds indicated for runners.

Before embarking on any strenuous exercise program, including the training described in the schedules below, everyone, particularly those with known heart or blood pressure problems, should seek medical clearance from a physician, preferably one with sports medicine experience.

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