Course Information
Houston Skyline


The race takes place in Downtown Houston.  The Finish Lines for the two races is on Walker Street by City Hall.


The race distances are 10 kilometers (or 6.2 miles) and 5 kilometers (or 3.1 miles).


Our 10k race course is certified by the Road Running Technical Council of USATF as TX15012ETM.  The 10k course starts and finishes downtown near City Hall with a loop through Downtown and along Allen Parkway.  The 5k race course is certified as TX17004JH.  Our 5k course also starts and finishes near City Hall with a loop through Downtown and along portions of Allen Parkway.  We have fabulous entertainment all along the course to help you groove along the way. Belly Dancers

Course Map:

Find our USATF-certified 10k map here and our USATF-certified 5k map here.

Water Stations:

Water and/or electrolite drinks will be available at the start, finish and along the course.

Course Time Limit:

The 10k finish line will be open for 2 hours and 30 minutes (corresponding to a 24 minute per mile pace).  The 10k course will reopen to traffic at the following time periods after the start (hours:minutes): Blurred Runners

  • Mile 1 - 0:24
  • Mile 2 - 0:48
  • Mile 3 - 1:12
  • Mile 4 - 1:37
  • Mile 5 - 2:07
  • Mile 6 - 2:24
  • Finish Line - 2:30 (10:30 am)

Race Scoring:

Race scoring for the 10k and 5k will be done by disposable timing device.  You will not be considered an official finisher if you detach the device from your bib.

New for 2018: The 5k will be a timed race for all participants!